Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Joyful Day

The sun shone
As the morning born
With its twilight

Which lighted my might

It shone the rays
To my little face

To wake me up
With its morning cup

The birds chirped
As the morning crisped
To please my ears
With their sweet hum

I popped behind
The mango tree
And peeped through the leaves
At the morning sky

Ripe as honey
Hung a mango
Which twisted my tongue
With its juicy yellow

My nose loomed
For the flower that bloomed
Which chilled my mind
With its sweet smell

Spreading the joyful fragrance
Blew the breeze
Without shattering the stillness
Of the bright new start

The breeze caught me
In its cool hands
Soothing my skin
From my nightly sleep

Fresh as a flower
I am to start my day
With a joyful might

That shined as bright!