Friday, August 29, 2008

The Wondrous Sun

Isn’t it a wonder of nature,
Who does its work for the future
Without any demands
Or without any commands.

No one thinks to pay for its works
Nor wants to pay him perks
But he still burns out
Till ashes turns out
To give the earth
Its use of birth
With the brilliant shade of yellow
Which is a great mellow.

He is like a sky flower
Which spreads divine shower
that makes the earth bright
Within our sight.

It rises in the east
Which is the time for your feast
And sets in the west
Which is the best of the rest
So isn’t it one of the wonders
That surrenders
Under the demands
And commands
Of the people living by!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Color Of Purity

The white clouds on the blue sky
Marks a day of bright
Which makes us fly
High up in the sky

Like a sweet white bird of dove
Which is a messenger of love
And brings peace inside our might
Within our first sight.

The dove floats in the air
To the freezing poles,
Covered with thick blankets
Of white snow.

To spread the words of peace
At every corners of earth.
Splashing came the water falls
From the mountain top, far away
That drenched the whole out
With the white foam of water.

Moreover a cotton piece
Used to heel a wound
Is often white!
These may be because
The color of white

Has a divine charm
That can refresh the earth
And provide a divine touch
Of purity .

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Glory of Sunset

Once in a day it appear
On the mirror of the earth
With vibrant patterns and colours
The whole world lies in complete harmony
On every bit of sunset.
There are no one who hesitate
To enjoy this hour.
All this appears like a spell
That a fairy has spelt.
Its glory is embossed out
By thousands of birds who flutter on the sky.

As the clock ticks time away
Its glory dwindles
And ends up with a dark blanket
With white twinkling spots on it.