Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Thoughts

Thoughts are like winds
We don’t know when it blows
We just get deep into it
And reach to a spot bright

These thoughts are thoughts
Which makes a colorful dreams.
Also they leave colorful jots
Which can change us a lot

Even a poem or a story
Is a work of one’s thought
Thoughts often make creativity
And reflects imagination

They bring us to an aim
Aim, which leads us in life
All that seen close to thoughts
Thoughts create a life.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Watch we could?

How natural some things are

We don’t know when it does
We go along with it
Just like a leaf caught in wind

Watch how plain is the sky
How full filled is the earth
How dark is a night
And how bright is a day.

All it appears to be packed well
For each and every long song, days
All of a day gives such a lot
Nothing out of full is left out.

Well then each, every moment
Our life, is a long trip
Just to enjoy as long as
Watch just to see, we could !!.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Changes All Around

See that dry leaf

It’s falling down!

For the tree to change itself

With more evergreen leaves

Just for us ,all this needs.

Nothing remains same in world

We don’t leave same as yesterday

Next day is far from what today is

Then what is to be sad or happy with?

We don’t see the same world again

How hardly we try never we could

It’s a little prank played by god

Just to make us different on our way.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Night Splash

Every mean day in our lives
We so trip to a magical world
Which is not far… far away
Just within our mind it lies

We don’t see ourselves in all
Nor the things all around
Deep in a world of our minds
Sleep ! .. We lay thus all away

Let the moon shine bright high
And the stars twinkle for mighty night
Only us to trip to the magical splash
Till we reach the morning bright

There then smells blooming buds
Yup ! The sun has risen up
So then the magical world closes away
To leave us fresh for the morning here

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Delicate Fingertips

Just at your hand fringes
Lies someone very special
Ya ! its your finger grips
So smooth and delicate

They can do many deeds
The deeds our mind orders so
Whether good or bad it be
They are delicate to endure them

They can’t choose between good
Nor it be evil that comes
They do work to the mind
Whether it be drenched wet

So can’t you make a lot of happiness
Just with your fingertips in good
Why can’t our mind too be good
To make our delicate tips great

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bathed in Starlight

As we add the happiness in life
And so do add the sadness of life
Well balanced, we get sum zero
A zero sum game, so is life

Sometimes we do bask in sunlight
And get involved with its glory
We do feel even worse for the night
Which follows every bright days

But we must admit, even in night
May be a new moon, dark might
There are stars to spot their lights
And make you glow all in dark

Even though you are dipped in dark
Don’t loose any of your little glows
Cause there are millions of tiny stars
To spare you with all of spotlights

Monday, April 13, 2009

Life on steps

I saw some steps rising high
Just a foot beside me
Why not try climb them up?
Yea! It may be a chance

I took my leg forward in joy
Then on to the step I went
The steps went on rising high
As much as I climbed up high

I be careful I sang my mind
But lot more hardships waited
The path of steps narrowed too
Just a sigh could fall me

Pew! At last I reached the end
the end I suppose of the stairs
Alas! My eyebrows are grey
And my legs do shake very way

Oh! I am old old and very old
So long I was on stairs of life
There I see the heaven in front
No! thus were my life a step.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well Deserved !!!

Every thing you need
Will not be yours
Some just can be
But some never could be

If you did not get the desired
Then is not deserved by you
This is a simple fact or reason
That makes you happy or sad

You may get the one not deserved
Because you desire for it much
Desire brings what not deserved
But what we deserve won’t bring desire

There our life is truly engulfed in
With two facts desire and deserve
These are ones which build a life
Whether smart or shy could it be

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Present To hold

Time always ticks away

Changing all things around
It pushes life forward till end
All just within a tick

Its time that forces a bud bloom
And a chick to hatch of an egg
As it does drag them back
For the flower to dry and chick to die

Its time that brings changes in
Its time that begins big great deals
For it does bring joy in us
As for hardest sadness too

So enjoy every tick of time
As every bit changes of fast
You can’t ever come to past
Till enjoy the changing present.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Glance can't Weigh

A small hole on ground
Seems very small for eye
No matter, we neglect its littleness
Just because it seems only a bit

So are there many holes
Around and in us
Simply a glance can't weigh
How much little it can be

When your eyes won't do
Always there is your hands
You need try to put fingers
To see how deep a little hole is

It just can tell a lot of little
That small words cause deep harm
We may neglect its littleness
But always do to see its depth

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Endless Heights

The sky far flocking high

Is hard to touch on your feet
It seems so it never ends
As you move high up sky

Have you seen the edge of earth?
No not any of you
It’s even foolish to ask
But there is a truth behind

As much higher you reach in life
There are more heights ahead you
The higher you reach the more ahead
The heights in life never end

Thus once we are at heights
Should never end your fine of works
Cause there is more ahead
For you to reach to fulfill life

Monday, February 16, 2009

Far Beyond….

Just within a glance at far
We see till the edge of plane
Beyond the grassy meadows in sight
Beyond the mighty slops down hills.

From the land a glance at sea
Would prove how long you would see
Till the horizon far away
Miles and miles from the bay.

Thus we are to give a glance
At the past that made our way
Just to see the track we came
Whether twisted or straight in line.

This alone could change your faith,
Your track to move ahead in life
Beyond the seas and oceans you move
Up to a flowery path to good.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Metamorphosis Of Life

Between the hands of hardship
And the hands of ever after joy
There hides a lot of truth
Which is hard to believe in deep.

Wrinkled are the hands of hardship
lines of hard work, care and sacrifice
Which all together can change the will
To be hopeful generous and kind.

While the hands of joy and pleasure
Smooth and plump with happiness
Forgets about the hardships in turn
Awaiting them for the future.

How can we change with time?
There are a lot we must intent
For the future that begins each day
This may help it turn to be good.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drops Of Desire

The little drops of water
Fill the earth wet
It can fill any space
Just in with ease

We too should be alike
To fill any dark holes
With ease, with sacrifice
Just like the little drops

The drops form lakes
Then for seas and oceans
Glaciers on hill top
And clouds on the mighty sky.

What else is there here
Without the little drops
We most should be alike
For a bright future ahead.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Spell Of Truth

A mirror is kept aside
A mirror of truth and faith
It splits the light of care
And spills the dark of dare

The light in our mere heart
And the bright of our might
Comes out back again
More sharp and live

So does the hatred of dark
And the spillage of lonely thoughts
Gets stuck inside deep with stains
Deep without us known

The stain does not get through
Unless burned to ashes
So be sure enough
To watch yourself with truth.