Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Thoughts

Thoughts are like winds
We don’t know when it blows
We just get deep into it
And reach to a spot bright

These thoughts are thoughts
Which makes a colorful dreams.
Also they leave colorful jots
Which can change us a lot

Even a poem or a story
Is a work of one’s thought
Thoughts often make creativity
And reflects imagination

They bring us to an aim
Aim, which leads us in life
All that seen close to thoughts
Thoughts create a life.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Watch we could?

How natural some things are

We don’t know when it does
We go along with it
Just like a leaf caught in wind

Watch how plain is the sky
How full filled is the earth
How dark is a night
And how bright is a day.

All it appears to be packed well
For each and every long song, days
All of a day gives such a lot
Nothing out of full is left out.

Well then each, every moment
Our life, is a long trip
Just to enjoy as long as
Watch just to see, we could !!.