Sunday, November 30, 2008

Loving Nature

The sun shone

Up with a yellow tone

I planted some seeds

Between the green weeds

Sure enough I was

To water them though

I had to carry through

A picky grass hedge

My hands grew tired

My legs wounded

But still I cared

With my wounded heart

As two days passed

There came a green spot

With tiny leaves

As soft as fur

Yes! They were those

That I cared for so long

They have changed lot

From a seed to a plant

I gathered some twigs

And made a beautiful fence

So they were safe

Deep in my heart

Soon I saw myself in vain

I was locked up

My heart too was locked

With thorns all over

A week passed by

Then passed a month

My heart sang down

In my dry tears

Those strange days

Are over once again

I ran out with joy

But my mind was still lost

Then I passed the hedge

I saw some bright

Between the grass

With surprise I looked

Oh! It was my seed

Not the seed

Oh! It had grown

Up saw with a flower

This is nature’s magic

No, its nature’s love

So should you care

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A friend forever

As I walk
And as I talk
I saw someone
Along my way
She does walk
Just like me
With a dark shade
Close to me.
I passed the hedge
With a lily
Along me, she moved
With a dark lily
I ran under the tree
Ops! Where is she?
I looked out for her
Has she left?
No way how could she
She is my friend
She may be hiding
Or else fooling around
She never did talk and smile,
How could she?
She is just a shape
Just like me
She never did eat
Nor did drink
She does come till my gate
But leave me alone at nights
She is a great friend
A happy friend
Who walks along me
Under the sunshine.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hands to life.........

As the day passed I looked out
At the gleaming sky

I was truly lost
Lost between the clouds of dark
Away from life

Over dark mountains

Drenched with rain of tears.

Anyone up here?
Anyone to give me a hand
Wake me up
From my soul.
I am growing numb
In the rain of sorrow
Help me out, out from the dark
Get me out before I am a sad mark
The lightning flashed
The silver light on the darkness
Help me out , I cried
From the world of dark.
Within a flash , I see me now
Standing on my door step
from the snatching hands of dark
And safe with the hands of life.