Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well Deserved !!!

Every thing you need
Will not be yours
Some just can be
But some never could be

If you did not get the desired
Then is not deserved by you
This is a simple fact or reason
That makes you happy or sad

You may get the one not deserved
Because you desire for it much
Desire brings what not deserved
But what we deserve won’t bring desire

There our life is truly engulfed in
With two facts desire and deserve
These are ones which build a life
Whether smart or shy could it be

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Present To hold

Time always ticks away

Changing all things around
It pushes life forward till end
All just within a tick

Its time that forces a bud bloom
And a chick to hatch of an egg
As it does drag them back
For the flower to dry and chick to die

Its time that brings changes in
Its time that begins big great deals
For it does bring joy in us
As for hardest sadness too

So enjoy every tick of time
As every bit changes of fast
You can’t ever come to past
Till enjoy the changing present.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Glance can't Weigh

A small hole on ground
Seems very small for eye
No matter, we neglect its littleness
Just because it seems only a bit

So are there many holes
Around and in us
Simply a glance can't weigh
How much little it can be

When your eyes won't do
Always there is your hands
You need try to put fingers
To see how deep a little hole is

It just can tell a lot of little
That small words cause deep harm
We may neglect its littleness
But always do to see its depth