Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Journey Across The Sky

I am a bird
Who flies up in the sky
With my beautiful wings
Tinged with pink

I fly across the oceans
And across the land
Spreading the delightful pleasure
Into the staring eyes

I am free to fly
High up in the sky
No one stops me
Nor blocks my way

As I look down
I see the earth crown
Like a beautiful queen
In the royal kingdom

I see the leaves shatter
As the wind blows away
And I see the water plop!
Down the mountain slop

This scenic beauty
Makes me think over and over
How lucky am I
To fly across the sky.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Nightly Companion

Between the gleaming stars
On the dark sky
There is a cheerful face
That spreads a dim light
To lead us in the night

He shines nightly
With a dim shade of yellow

Like those of a candle
And guides the earth
Surrounded by darkness
Into the holy path of heaven.

As days passes
He curves and bends

Like an old man
And at one last night
He disappears

From the night sky
Leaving it strange
Without his presence

But we have a hope
He would come again
With his gleaming face
That pleases all.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Heavenly Surprise

Hot is our earth

As the summer passes

Hot are we

with burning thoughts

Falls the crystal drops of water

As upon the burning thoughts

The lighting flashes

Followed by a loud thunder

And the rain drops dashes

From the hill top

That made the surroundings

Cool and calm

With a heavenly charm.

The frogs crocked madly

Fluttered the peacock its feather

Due to the change in the weather

The leaves clattered

To the rhythm of the drops

Then bloomed the umbrellas

From the human hands

Like the flowers that bloomed

On the plant stem

Ends the rain

After the long surprise

With the represent rainbow

That covers upon the earth

And gifts the earth

With a heavenly surprise.