Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Night Splash

Every mean day in our lives
We so trip to a magical world
Which is not far… far away
Just within our mind it lies

We don’t see ourselves in all
Nor the things all around
Deep in a world of our minds
Sleep ! .. We lay thus all away

Let the moon shine bright high
And the stars twinkle for mighty night
Only us to trip to the magical splash
Till we reach the morning bright

There then smells blooming buds
Yup ! The sun has risen up
So then the magical world closes away
To leave us fresh for the morning here

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Delicate Fingertips

Just at your hand fringes
Lies someone very special
Ya ! its your finger grips
So smooth and delicate

They can do many deeds
The deeds our mind orders so
Whether good or bad it be
They are delicate to endure them

They can’t choose between good
Nor it be evil that comes
They do work to the mind
Whether it be drenched wet

So can’t you make a lot of happiness
Just with your fingertips in good
Why can’t our mind too be good
To make our delicate tips great