Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bathed in Starlight

As we add the happiness in life
And so do add the sadness of life
Well balanced, we get sum zero
A zero sum game, so is life

Sometimes we do bask in sunlight
And get involved with its glory
We do feel even worse for the night
Which follows every bright days

But we must admit, even in night
May be a new moon, dark might
There are stars to spot their lights
And make you glow all in dark

Even though you are dipped in dark
Don’t loose any of your little glows
Cause there are millions of tiny stars
To spare you with all of spotlights

Monday, April 13, 2009

Life on steps

I saw some steps rising high
Just a foot beside me
Why not try climb them up?
Yea! It may be a chance

I took my leg forward in joy
Then on to the step I went
The steps went on rising high
As much as I climbed up high

I be careful I sang my mind
But lot more hardships waited
The path of steps narrowed too
Just a sigh could fall me

Pew! At last I reached the end
the end I suppose of the stairs
Alas! My eyebrows are grey
And my legs do shake very way

Oh! I am old old and very old
So long I was on stairs of life
There I see the heaven in front
No! thus were my life a step.