Saturday, February 28, 2009

Endless Heights

The sky far flocking high

Is hard to touch on your feet
It seems so it never ends
As you move high up sky

Have you seen the edge of earth?
No not any of you
It’s even foolish to ask
But there is a truth behind

As much higher you reach in life
There are more heights ahead you
The higher you reach the more ahead
The heights in life never end

Thus once we are at heights
Should never end your fine of works
Cause there is more ahead
For you to reach to fulfill life

Monday, February 16, 2009

Far Beyond….

Just within a glance at far
We see till the edge of plane
Beyond the grassy meadows in sight
Beyond the mighty slops down hills.

From the land a glance at sea
Would prove how long you would see
Till the horizon far away
Miles and miles from the bay.

Thus we are to give a glance
At the past that made our way
Just to see the track we came
Whether twisted or straight in line.

This alone could change your faith,
Your track to move ahead in life
Beyond the seas and oceans you move
Up to a flowery path to good.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Metamorphosis Of Life

Between the hands of hardship
And the hands of ever after joy
There hides a lot of truth
Which is hard to believe in deep.

Wrinkled are the hands of hardship
lines of hard work, care and sacrifice
Which all together can change the will
To be hopeful generous and kind.

While the hands of joy and pleasure
Smooth and plump with happiness
Forgets about the hardships in turn
Awaiting them for the future.

How can we change with time?
There are a lot we must intent
For the future that begins each day
This may help it turn to be good.