Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hopeful stream

The Rain drops from the cloud
And touches the ground loud
The drop meets the stream
Which was its dream.
Drop by drop the stream fills
And flow merrily through the hills.
From the hill top,
Down she tangles
With the pleasing sound of bangles.
She flows through the fields
Where a child yields
The field of paddy
With his daddy.
She flows by and by
And reaches a crowd of bushes
Where she pushes
The bushes blocking her way
To reach her bay.
The sun shines brightly
And the moon shines nightly
To show her the way
On days and nights.
The birds chirped with hope
When they saw the stream mope
Through their way
To fulfill their thirst
Till they burst.
These birds
Said their thankful words
Which made her glad
Almost like mad
Still she flows
Like a wind that blows
In the hope
That she will reach her goal.


Amy said...

I like your blog too! Thanks for your comments, and I love the beautiful stream photos!

Anonymous said...

where do you know about my blog? just google it?

capital1975 said...

im so happy o visite your blog and tanks my dear

c'eSt la vie said...

Thanks..You too have a beautiful content...

Anonymous said...

What great poems you have.
thank you so much for the comment.
You have wonderful photos as well as you do poems.


Guljinder Singh said...

Hey Susan, thanks for visiting and commenting. You to have a beautiful blog. The Poems and pictures are wonderful.

Keep posting !!!

Swathina said...

hi susan.........
tnks 4 visiting ma profile......
all those photos i collected from varios websites...
And your poems are very lovely..ur blog is very cool.....
The lyrics are really gr8......

Khan said...

I like it....