Friday, August 15, 2008

The Glory of Sunset

Once in a day it appear
On the mirror of the earth
With vibrant patterns and colours
The whole world lies in complete harmony
On every bit of sunset.
There are no one who hesitate
To enjoy this hour.
All this appears like a spell
That a fairy has spelt.
Its glory is embossed out
By thousands of birds who flutter on the sky.

As the clock ticks time away
Its glory dwindles
And ends up with a dark blanket
With white twinkling spots on it.


RadRich! said...

WOW, i love your poems, especially this one!!! i love the words that you produce. !!! if you want i can give you some websites, and other blogs that have themes for your blog if you want?

I love your poems... YAY

Ewelina said...

I saw that you had comment by blog :D Thanks! <33 I Love yours too :D <333333

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful picture!!