Friday, August 29, 2008

The Wondrous Sun

Isn’t it a wonder of nature,
Who does its work for the future
Without any demands
Or without any commands.

No one thinks to pay for its works
Nor wants to pay him perks
But he still burns out
Till ashes turns out
To give the earth
Its use of birth
With the brilliant shade of yellow
Which is a great mellow.

He is like a sky flower
Which spreads divine shower
that makes the earth bright
Within our sight.

It rises in the east
Which is the time for your feast
And sets in the west
Which is the best of the rest
So isn’t it one of the wonders
That surrenders
Under the demands
And commands
Of the people living by!


Teresita said...

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aninha said...

Thank you!
You are very kind in their words.
I like your blog too.

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

Thank you, I always wonder if anyone likes my photos, I love photography and don't get to work on it too much but it was a joy to start selling some of my art this year...have a beautiful day...L

Inez, como no tempo da vovó said...

thank you for your visit and care
always go back
one thousand bjs

Tom said...

Thanks for the kind words regaring my blog.
Tom Rice-Smyth

Una Cuchara said...

Thank you for your visit to my blog!
It is nice to know that people like what I write.
Your blog is very nice I will continue reading your posts.

阿處 said...

thank for your visit
i like poem too
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gany78 said...

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Have a nice day

kindly regards

Célia said...

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Célia said...
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OaT ForEveR said...

Good poem I like it by OaT ForEveR

nickmazziu said...

It's very nice! Your poems help me to follow the way inside your photos. Regards.

Saintcaio said...

that is, your blog is also beautiful and well prepared.

CK said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and inviting me to visit yours. Your blog is equally fantastic with all these pictures of nature. I love them!

Maristela said...


Teu blog é mto lindo! Mensagens lindas! Agradeço por vc ter passado no meu blog assim poderemos manter contatos!


Jannie "Funster" said...

I love your poetry!! Thanks.


RoNald said...

Ola! thank you for visiting my blog. you are a great poet.I love poem but it seem poem doesn't love

D.M. said...

thanks for the comment! I have enjoyed your writing. I have another blog at with more poetry type writing. The links are on my blogs to my other blogs and sites. Thanks for reading!

Sherel said...

this is my another blog address...
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Ashok Kadam said...

Thanks femin for appreciating my blog. Your blogs are also great..i love poetic blogs ;)

Lohith said...

Hi...gr88 poetic pieces about nature...havent read poems for a long time...feels so refreshing! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lohith said...

one more thing i forgot to fact my close friend's name is Femine a little surprised with the coincidence

Mina Jade said...

I'm glad that you invited me to see this blog, I love it.
The profile pictures, the nature photos, the poems, all.
Great blog, congratulations, you have been too modest with it.
I'll visit it often.

Mina Jade

storyofmylife said...

thanks po. its because im a nature lover and member of a great oraganization that helps to conserve our nature. visit more often, thanks!

jansolo said...

hello Susan

bonito blog, bonitas palabras

Srividya said...

Hi Susan... that's a very sweet poem! :)

And thanks for poppiing by my blog the other day! :)

Trinaa said...

whoooooooooaa..nice :)

ROHIT said...

hey , your poem is too naturalistic to read. i'm a fan of your poems please continue to write such soothing pieces.

VovoBaisa said...

Olá amiga!

Muito lindo!

Grata pelo carinho.