Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Journey Across The Sky

I am a bird
Who flies up in the sky
With my beautiful wings
Tinged with pink

I fly across the oceans
And across the land
Spreading the delightful pleasure
Into the staring eyes

I am free to fly
High up in the sky
No one stops me
Nor blocks my way

As I look down
I see the earth crown
Like a beautiful queen
In the royal kingdom

I see the leaves shatter
As the wind blows away
And I see the water plop!
Down the mountain slop

This scenic beauty
Makes me think over and over
How lucky am I
To fly across the sky.


San said...

Your poems are so imaginative and wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!. I loved them. Keep writing poems. I will be waiting for your new updates :) . Wishing you a Good day :)
Regards San :).

neo said...

Superb! How do you come up with such lovely poems?!

preppy little dress said...

great photos of the birds and love your poems!

candy said...

thanks for your comment on my blog! What a wonderful poem!

Digital said...

I like your blog.
I like your poems.

Good job.

You are an excellent writer.

Find a new inspiration here:

Good luck

dave said...

very well put.
So your brother's name is?

JAC said...

It was a pleasure to receive your message. Your blogspot is very intelligent. Congratulations. We will maintain contact again. Thank you. Kiss.

JAC said...

I added your blog in my list of special blogs. I await other visits to my blog. Have a good weekend.

goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

alifelessevident said...

I like your poems alot, i'm not much to be able to write on nature, but i love nature and being in it, and your poems do good justice to it, i also enjoyed your vegetable art- gave me a good smile, and your phots are beautiful. Keep up the great work.
I will be adding your blog to my poetry blog, to share with the people i know. -Chris Sheppard

trendinsights said...

Hey, Thanks for dropping by.

I guess it's interest that keeps me going. :)

skinny fat chick said...

Hi! Please email me your address so I can send you something for the Pay it Forward game. Thanks!

Grammy said...

Dear Susan,
Thank you so very much for your comments on my blog (Blabbin' Grammy). I enjoy reading your poetry as well! I do a little writing of poetry, (not nearly as well as you) and my sister, Margaret, who passed on in December of 2007 did some writing of nature poetry as well. She was 82, and I am 75. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog. If you wish to e-mail me, you may find me at : Thanks again. Grammy

rousseau II said...

that's really beautiful. Thanks for posting in my blog. Is really nice to meet you. My name is Sebastian.

Anonymous said...

i love the poem. the pictures are simply beautiful!!

Claudio said...

Me han gustado mucho tus poemas. Están hechos con mucho setimiento, sensibilidad y demuestran eso que hace que los artistas seamos especiales. Me gustaría que me dijeras de donde eres y tal vez podríamos realizar alguna exposición, en tu ciudad y Madrid donde yo vivo. Un abrazo. Claudio.

Free Spirit said...

have some sweet poetry. I need to read more. Thanks for checking out my blog. How did you find me ? You have so many blogs. How do you keep up ?