Friday, September 5, 2008

The Heavenly Surprise

Hot is our earth

As the summer passes

Hot are we

with burning thoughts

Falls the crystal drops of water

As upon the burning thoughts

The lighting flashes

Followed by a loud thunder

And the rain drops dashes

From the hill top

That made the surroundings

Cool and calm

With a heavenly charm.

The frogs crocked madly

Fluttered the peacock its feather

Due to the change in the weather

The leaves clattered

To the rhythm of the drops

Then bloomed the umbrellas

From the human hands

Like the flowers that bloomed

On the plant stem

Ends the rain

After the long surprise

With the represent rainbow

That covers upon the earth

And gifts the earth

With a heavenly surprise.


vidhi said...

thank u.i have another personal site but its not about global warming and nature affectors.its actually only about me.
And as of ur blog this poem is very nice and interesting!is it ur own or u found it somewhere?well if its urs i appreciate u very much fr writing it on mother earth.thank u once again.

Eduardo P L said...

Thank you,I have another personal site :
Thank you, once again.

Srita Ortiz said...

such a poet..
nice gurl.. nice :)

Diana said...

Hiii...nice poem

Kevin said...

great poems!

ROHIT said...


Wijaya said...

well thankyou! I do have a team of talented bloglackies and lassies you see. Stay tune for exciting postings this week( pengerebongan; uluwatu etc etc)

Lo said...

Thank you! Maybe you don't remember me haahaa you post in my blog but I forgot to post in yours...sorry! but now i'm here. Congratulations, you have a very nice blog, i like it. Keep writing!!!

Bye :)

goooooood girl said...

Good good good......

Karthik B.S. said...

Thank u for visiting my blog.

the change of climate is always a thing to cherish, isn't? nicely put. Beautiful poems. :)

Watermelon285 said...

hello.. Thankyou for sharing your blog.. ur poems are very nice! keep up the good work

Marie Reed said...

Hello! It's very nice to meet you:) You have such a lovely blog here! It's such a nice way to showcase your work!

Miss_Yves said...

Thaks for your visit and kind comments;
I read slowly poems written in English, but I enjoy these;
I see, according to your texts and photos, that you like drops and water!
Miss Yves