Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drops Of Desire

The little drops of water
Fill the earth wet
It can fill any space
Just in with ease

We too should be alike
To fill any dark holes
With ease, with sacrifice
Just like the little drops

The drops form lakes
Then for seas and oceans
Glaciers on hill top
And clouds on the mighty sky.

What else is there here
Without the little drops
We most should be alike
For a bright future ahead.


everything burns... said...

water can teach us so many things... to fill spaces (as u mentioned), to go with the flow and so much more....

Art and Poetry said...

Very nice poem! and nice photo of a little water droplet

LarryG said...

beautiful desire, beautiful drops!

thank you!

Chef E said...

I can see into that drop a whole other world of small flights and bright colors of fantasy...something that nourishes our minds, and fills our heart with curiosity...

The Blonde Duck said...

Great poem!

Marja said...

Beautiful I love raindrops and a great analogie. Yes if we all are as raindrops and work together we can move mountains

DUTA said...

Thanks for visiting my first blog and for your kind words.

I like your drops making lakes, seas, oceans, glaciars. It's the basics of Life: the little things forming the big ones. As we sometimes say "the pennies make the pounds".

venus66 said...

The title is amazing. Goes well with the pic.

Ghost Particle said...

you managed so well to encompass the message in the verses. well done.

im reading all your blogs :), love your desires and passions :)

thank you for visitng.

the poet manque said...

what if u carry a void
a void that whenevr u try to fill it just drains out

a slightest low in emotions takes you to that deep gorge where u feel that even hell could be better
ur words are inspirin


Ms. Femin Susan

You write that:
The drops form lakes
Then for seas and oceans

Yes, every tiny part of the nature is beautiful in its own, every part of it has its own identity, usefulness. Only we should have eyes to see the same. Your poem see the unity in nature everywhere. Well done.

Naval Langa


Ms. Femin Susan

Thanks for the visit to my Short Stories. Keep coming.

Naval Langa


A beautiful poem about a droplet of water. loved the simplicity of the subject. excellent poem. Keep up the good work.


Dawnie said...

beautiful post...i love that picture!

Devika said...

Good one Susan,


Anonymous said...

This is great.

Anonymous said...

Nature is the best teacher an dthis fact has served to benefit us all through the poem-thanks for a wonderful realization!:)

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

Excellent poetry!

Imagine what little drops can do! It can make lakes, rivers, ponds, wells, and even mighty oceans.

Even little efforts channelised in the right direction will produce fantastic achievements.

Many thanks for sharing.

Have a nice day :)

manivannan said...


Wonderful thoughts beautifully penned. It is really inspiring to read such a meaningful poem. The photo is also lovely!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea, I'm presenting you with the Lemonade Award for your completely orginal and fun blog(The award is on my site along with the rules, feel free to pass it along)!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Very thoughtful poetry.

//What else is there here
Without these little drops?//

How true!!

Laura Rose said...

What an amazing photo and beautiful words! Truly capturing the spirit of nature!

Janice Thomson said...

Beautifully said Susan. What a stunning photo too.

nickmazziu said...

A universe in a drop of water...
El universo en una gota de agua...

is beautiful.
es precioso.