Monday, March 9, 2009

Glance can't Weigh

A small hole on ground
Seems very small for eye
No matter, we neglect its littleness
Just because it seems only a bit

So are there many holes
Around and in us
Simply a glance can't weigh
How much little it can be

When your eyes won't do
Always there is your hands
You need try to put fingers
To see how deep a little hole is

It just can tell a lot of little
That small words cause deep harm
We may neglect its littleness
But always do to see its depth


Dawnie said...

well that sure makes one think dosnt it?


That is the question Susan, "Can we see the depth?" it could range from a mulitude of reasons, the depth of ones love, for instance.
I enjoyed your poem very much.

Take care.


Heatherlyn said...

Great poem and I love the accompanying picture.

paramveer said...

again a nice poem........keepin a deep meanin inside....

Cat said...

You are so good at this sort of thing - beautifully done.

the poet manque said...

few write on a felling like a thought

ur porms r thoughtful n meaningful to

hats off

Anonymous said...

such a wealth of meaning in this little poem femin...beautiful:)

venus66 said...

Wonderful work.Very creative.

Ebin said...

Really beautiful poems, liked your style of writing

Ebin said...

Really beautiful poems, liked the style of writing

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Susan :)

You have very beautifully, logically and forcefully brought out a great truth in simple easy to understand words. Very often we don't think what we are saying and in the process cause deep wounds to people. We don't understand how deep the wound is and sometimes the wounds don't heal over a life time.

So it is better to think before talking. Sometimes it is better to talk less and listen more. God has given us two ears and one mouth so that we can hear more and talk less. Unfortunately, we tend to talk more and listen less and create a lot of misunderstanding and leave a lot of holes in peoples minds.

Great writing. I enjoyed reading it. Many thanks.

Best wishes :)

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Very true, "Glance can't weigh"

AT the bottom of the heart any great person might have a wound.

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

"That small words cause deep harm
We may neglect its littleness
But always do to see its depth." That was so profound. Your poem made me reflect deep. Thank You Susan and your comment on my travel blog was very much appreciated :).

Bluesfrau said...


Anonymous said...

Next time we think about covering up that ant mound in our yard think about God's little creatures who tunnel and create little rooms and chasms to do their business. Don't know what show it was, probably PBS, where this dude had this idea of pouring melted aluminum down an ant hole, after it cooled down he excavated it and what he discovered was this vast world underground tunnel system that had mulitiple veined rooms 2-3 feet wide and almost 5 feet in height. I was amazed and that little story has stuck with me and I have never looked at an ant mound the same. I think this guy ended up putting these "ant farm sculptures" in galleries for sale.
And hey thanks for stopping by and poking your head in....